5 Easy Ways To Start Improving Your House

Home improvement plans can be very time consuming and a frighteningly long process. Although we at Whatwouldyoudoif have constructed an easy list of one-off tasks which will help you improve on your house.
Our suggestion is that you make your way through the list one my one (preferably one task a week) improving your home as you go with medium to easy tasks.

Paint external woodwork

If you have wooden timber window frames and doors in your property, painting them regularly (every year) will help them last for years with the protection from the sun and rainwater that the paint provides.
In many modern houses you will have been provided more than likely with plastic frames and doors, as its thought that they require less maintenance. This isn’t exactly true, you should still look into gaining protection for your frames and doors regardless of the choice of materials it was made with.

Invest in a dehumidifier

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Every home no matter if you aren’t noticing any damp problems could benefit from a humidifier. Dampness problems will often be started by things such as showering, cooking, clothes-drying and anything else which involves water, yep, even sweating! Getting a dehumidifier is the perfect protection and insurance to helping prevent your house from becoming damp and it’s the best way to fight again any dampness in a house.

Get double glazing

Have you noticed that even though your windows are closed, when you stand close to it you still get a small draft coming through? There’s a good chance you don’t have double glazing. The amount of money that you can save on your heating bills if you make the switch to double glazing is outstanding. It is also great from minimising the external noises which you can hear at night. Great for people living in the city in particular.

Change your radiators

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Having bad radiators can be a nightmare for your health and your wallet. The longer that you have a bad radiator the more you are spending money on a bad radiator. We appreciate that not everyone has the finance to just go out and buy radiators, but we would highly recommend getting anthracite classic column radiators as you are great for heating the full room in a short amount of time, meaning, you won’t have to always have them on. Think of it this way, for the amount of time you spend heating an old radiator in 3 hours, you can achieve that in 30 minutes with a new column radiator- think of the price difference to your heating bills.

Paint everything

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If in doubt, paint! You could paint furniture using Gouache Acrylic paint! You can buy reeves paint knives online. Just make sure you sand and prime the furniture first to get the best results. 

Keeping your rooms can sometimes be unsatisfying if you aren’t getting the results which you are seeking. You want to know a tip? Paint those walls! Seriously though, when you paint a room a fresh colour everything else falls into place. We suggest always painting your walls a natural colour in order to keep that clean look.

Embracing the Minimalist Design trend around your house

Spring is around and it’s time to breathe some fresh air into your home? Why not embrace the Minimalist Design trend? Achievable easily with details, or adopted all around the house, the look will change the way you see and live your home. Simple, pared down and ultra-contemporary, Minimalist Design brings us back to the very essence of materials and functions for each object. An imperative that nonetheless comes with great delicacy and warm compositions, where naturality serves the well-being of its inhabitants. Here is how to embrace the trend, whether it be in a contemporary urban flat or an open countryside house. Continue Reading

Giving your open kitchen a makeover with a central island

Modular and convivial, the central island is undoubtedly trendy. Here are our ideas to choose or build a kitchen island.

A super functional piece of furniture, the island will allow you to do all your kitchen activities. From prep to dining and storage, everything happens around it. Another asset, it perfectly fits into an open plan kitchen. Like a bar, it delimits the space between living room and kitchen. You guessed it, there’s not much we can say against the kitchem island. Continue Reading