Artwork can completely transform a space. A great print can be the spark a room needs. Here are a couple of tips to help decorate your house!

1. Space awareness

When you’re picking your art for the house bare in mind how much space you have and what room the piece is going in. Consider colours, the personality of the room and other decorations that are already there. As a rule, I hang pieces I love in my bedroom or personal space but put pieces I want to make a statement in other rooms.

Cassandra Yap: Blown Away
2. Stay limited
Prints are another great way if an artwork is too expensive. Even then Prints can look great! However I wouldn’t buy a print that was mass produced, I love prints that haven’t been part of a huge run. If you get a print that hasn’t been printed in mass, the value of it will go up when they run out.
3. Mix it up
You can hang your prints in clusters of small pieces. This can really make a large blank wall look great. Play about with different heights, change the width between the pieces and toy around with the frames. Just keep your space between prints consistent!
4. Size
Before you go out and buy a massive piece you should think about where it’s going. A small and subtle piece will definitely be lost on a large wall! If you would like to place a small piece on a big wall go back to the cluster idea! Prints come in all shapes and sizes so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that isn’t too expensive.
5. Paint it yourself
There’s nothing more personal than actually painting your piece yourself. It’s a great conversation starter too and you can really show your thoughts in a piece. It might even work out cheaper too! There’s plenty of guides and videos online that can help you too. Check out My Reeves and see what advice you can find there.
6. Go monochrome 
Monochrome themes let you play with different styles of art! A black and white theme allows your furniture and room accessories to be the bold colourful items in the room.
7. Pick a theme
The subject of your artwork is also really important. You should try to keep a theme going in each room. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a pop art piece about balloons and then a grey drawing of a cat. As an example, animal prints sit great beside pictures of maps.
8. Lean
A clever way to introduce artwork to your house is by leaning it against the walls rather than nailing it into them. So, for example, lean a piece on top of Chester drawers.

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