Moving into a new home may be an exciting time but can also be an extremely stressful event. With so much to do and organise some may wonder where do they even begin? Packing up a home, sorting out financial aspects of the move and ensuring everything runs smoothly can be daunting. Here we will list top tips to help your move be as hassle free as possible.

Get Rid of as Much as Possible

Clearing out a home in preparation for a move can be extremely difficult. Entering cupboards that haven’t been approached in years and tackling the garage that is piled high to the ceiling with memorabilia and things that are of no use anymore. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of seems like the most straining task of all. For those who find it hard to part with things, be firm. The less you bring with you to your new home the easier for you and it is also a great way of clearing out the old and making a fresh start in your new pad.

When it comes to your clothes, if you haven’t worn something in a while think twice before packing it into your “taking” boxes. Anything that is no longer of use to you is not worth bringing to your new house and only causes you to have more to pack and then unpack.

A great way to make use of your old stuff is to have a car boot sale. This way the items you felt were hard to part with are being recycled onto new homes and you will even earn some extra cash to put towards your moving expenses.

Stay Organised

Allow lists and labels to become your best friends. Keeping organised is key to a successful move. Remember you are packing up and moving your life’s contents so keeping everything to a system will make for a smooth move. Make lists of all that needs to be done and who is going to do it. If you are moving with family or friends, assign everyone their own tasks so you know everything will get done.

Purchase a label maker and get sticking. This way you can label boxes and items within your house which will not only make it easier for you to identify what everything is but can also be useful if you are using a moving company. Labels will let the movers know what goes where, limiting your heavy lifting.

Prepare Your Finances

Other than packing your life into cardboard boxes and moving them to your new home, ensuring your financial commitments related to your home are organised is very important. In order to be able to move into your new place and have everything set up right away, make sure all your bills are switched over to your new address. Arrange for your internet and phone provider to come out as soon as possible to hook up all your new connections.

For the likes of home insurance and mortgage protection insurance, they should carry over to your new home but you must inform your lenders beforehand. If you do not have mortgage protection insurance it is highly recommended and simple to get quotes through many online broker companies.

Switching over bills and monthly payments to your new address before you move means you have one less thing to worry about once you are in your new place.

Although moving is known as being a stressful event, by being as prepared and organised as possible you can help to make sure your relocation runs as smoothly as possible. By taking all the correct precautions prior to and during your move, what was once a stressful and daunting event can become an exciting and memorable occasion, starting over in your new home.

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