Whether you are looking to save the earth or cut back on expenditure, saving energy is always a good thing. We at What Would You Do If think that it’s important to at least be cautious of how much energy that you waste through the different appliances and gas and heating products within your home. We’ve created a brief list of advice which we hope will save energy and hopefully, save you money on your bills.

Use a showerhead to save water use

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We used to be told that a shower was the energy saving option as an alternative to a bath being run. Although could it be with the amount of time people spend in the shower that this is isn’t true? If you enjoy being in a shower for 20 minutes at a time, you are for sure using too much energy. How you do make a change to cut back? Start by limiting the amount of time that you spend in the shower. You could also apply a showerhead which limits and saves the amount of water which gets through to you on the other side, whilst also allowing you to have ample water which is required to clean yourself.


Standby is not good enough

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One of the major ways that people waste energy is due to the sheer amount of unnoticed products which are sitting on standby when you think they have been turned off. Although products on standby only use around 20% of the energy it would on full power, if you culminate the amount of time against hours which you are wasting whilst you are in bed or out of the house, it really does add up. Make sure that you turn off the plugs at the wall to be sure that you aren’t needlessly wasting energy.


Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

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You might not be aware, but you can change the setting on most of your home appliances so that they can be used at a lower setting in order to save energy. In most washing machines this will be shown as clear as day as ‘energy efficient setting’ or ‘power saver mode’ on the settings reel. The truth is that these setting produce more than enough power and heat to wash your clothes without the damage which other more high energy setting would do. So you’ll save energy and keep your clothes looking good longer.


Replace your old radiators

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One thing which often impacts your heating is how much power to heat your radiator is actually generating. In most cases, if you have an old radiator which you still count on to keep your house warm, it will be wasting massive amounts of energy daily. Modern radiators are not only more effective for heating up your room faster, they also conduct around £0% of the amount of energy an old radiator uses, which saves a lot of energy in the winter months when you count on it. If you want our opinion, we’d say just invest in the best energy efficient radiator whilst you have the money because it’s an investment on savings. For example, vertical designer radiators from Trade Radiators are great on a budget and can save you up to 40% on your next heating bill.

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