Working from home seems perfect right? For some, it’s been tried and tested and declared a failure – we at Whatwouldyoudoif think that is due to ill preparations prior to the completion of work.

What were the complaints of people who claimed they would never work from home again? It ranges from many issues such as: not being a great working environment, you get too easily distracted and that it costs more money than what you would think.

We are going to tell you 5 easy tips which will prove to make your home office venture a complete success!

Set out schedules

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When working from home, if you don’t prepare yourself correctly you can end up easily getting distracted from your tasks to find comfort in prostrating. By making out a detailed weekly schedule of the times you aim to have completed tasks for, what times you should be in the office and what time you take breaks at, you’ll find yourself getting better at holding down your work and responsibilities. Although, if you work better in sprints this is also something you’ll be able to achieve being your own boss. If you work for 2 hours, take a half hour break and continue this pattern, it could be suited to your style of work.

Buy used second hand office furniture

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One thing which is a constant complaint about trying to construct a home office is how much it costs for starting up. We believe this is a myth; it’s easy to get cheap and affordable used furniture. Nowadays you won’t even have to trek to a charity or second hand shop and hope for the best. There is UK companies out their such as Gazelle who buy second hand furniture and refurbish it before selling it on. Gazelle are extremely passionate about recycling and protecting the earth and that’s why they put in so much effort to re-purpose old furniture perfectly, so people can be convinced that it isn’t second rate. We highly suggest you purchase second hand used office furniture for your office as items such as chairs, cabinets, desks and storage can be bought extremely cheap.

Only work, not play

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Never use your office for anything other than doing work, when you aren’t working, spend time in your living room, kitchen or any other room. Why? If you spend too much time on recreational in your office, you’ll soon realise that you are spending the full day in the one room, which isn’t great for your mental health. Great it like you would a shared office- if you aren’t working go out and enjoy the outdoors or use another room for leisure.

Hang a clock

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Hanging a clock in your home office will prove great for your production, as it’ll keep you on track with all of your activities, whilst making you work for something. It’s easy to get carried away when you aren’t working with co-workers on one specific task, although if you have multiple tasks to complete on the same day, I’d say that you’d be best keeping track and having a system. It’ll also stop you from looking at your phone to find out the time- which can lead to major prostration.

Make sure you lighting is natural

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One thing you want to take advantage of is the amount of natural lighting you get into the room. Before choosing which room in your house would be best to transition into an office has a think to yourself, is it worth changing rooms around to work in one with a bigger window? Studies show that you’ll be more likely to suffer from headaches if you are using artificial light to power your room with lack of natural light.

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