London is England and the UK’s largest and most populated city, people come to the cultural hub for many varying reasons including: career prospects, education and considering it have many tools to help you, fun.

In this article, we will be breaking down some of London’s most luxurious, unique and downright mind-blowing properties for your pleasure. We’ve made it our aim to construct a list which is as diverse as possible to showcase London’s wide style range.

Lygon Place, Belgravia

5. Lygon Place, Belgravia, SW1W — £22.5 million

This gorgeous Edwardian property isn’t only full with huge sizes rooms and rigged up to the newest technology; it is always a part of history. The seven bedroomed home requires a security code to get through the gates so it receives the privacy it deserves. Close by to many of London’s biggest attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the location and historical architecture alone makes it a dream home. Did we mention that Theresa media room as well as the 7 huge bedrooms and other living areas?

Lincoln Square

Lincoln square exterior

Unlike the first listing and to say true to what we claimed in the introduction, this one is a little different. Lincoln Square is a man made residential square which holds everything you need around your luxury accommodation. Including a gym, swimming pool, bar and even more. This really is the future of the neighbourhood! The building was created by the world-class Lodha Group, how have gained a name for themselves constructing the most luxurious, brave and creative buildings around the world for people to inhabit. Staying this secluded in the centre of the city would be absolutely fantastic. You can look for more information on Lincoln Square accommodation here:

Eaton Sqaure

1. Eaton Square, Belgravia, SW1W — £55 million

One of the most expensive properties which you can get your hands on in today’s market is this listing. Right across from Primrose Hill and Regents Park in North London, is the Avenue Road property, which is available for a massive £40 milltion. It’s spread across too floors and this is what you’ll see inside: 

Although, probably my favourite festure about this property is the fact that it has this massive swimming pool for private use on the ground floor, as well as a gym and sports room

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