Spring is around and it’s time to breathe some fresh air into your home? Why not embrace the Minimalist Design trend? Achievable easily with details, or adopted all around the house, the look will change the way you see and live your home. Simple, pared down and ultra-contemporary, Minimalist Design brings us back to the very essence of materials and functions for each object. An imperative that nonetheless comes with great delicacy and warm compositions, where naturality serves the well-being of its inhabitants. Here is how to embrace the trend, whether it be in a contemporary urban flat or an open countryside house.

Explore different shades of a luminous palette of colours

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Very natural, the Minimalist Design palette gathers all the shades of a seaside stroll: the white of the foa, the beige of the sand and tall grass, stone grey, the deep slate blue of the water and the vegetal green, and finally a touch of black.

Materials like wood or ceramics are raw, in their original colours, not painted.

We love: the natural colour of this rug runner, like a bed of sand in your hallway, or a soft beach towel on your living room floor; the soft curves and deep teal of this bottle-in-the-sea table lamp. You can shop these and much more with a wilko Voucher Code, to give your home a natural minimalist without spending too much!

Wilko Chevron Runner Natural 55 x 150cm

Wilko Ombre Table Lamp Teal


Choose natural materials

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Welcome wood, paper, stone, ceramics, wool, in their non coloured and raw forms. Very contemporary, the Minimalist Design trend can also accept innovative or industrial materials, as long as they go with the sobriety of the palette and a natural finish. Yes to concrete, matte resins, but no to plastic.
Fabrics-wise, if materials (cotton, wool, felt…) and colours remain simple, you can opt for sophisticated mesh with a beautiful weave.
We love: The solid pine-wood of this side-board, for a warm rustic look.

Paulo 2 door 2 Drawer Sideboard Pine, Wilko

Give the object back to its functionImage result for home minimalist design interior

Full of humility, the Minimalist Design trend wants to find shapes that correspond to a use. No frills or embellishments in the shapes. This is going back to the very essence of design, with geometric or organic shapes, always ergonomic.

In lighting pieces, furniture, utensils, we love single materials, if possible with no visible screws or welds, as if the object was one single piece. Material cut backs evoke a new trend in design, one that is sobre and responsible, ecological and adapted to our contemporary world.

We love: the geometric look and copper colour of this lantern. It doesn’t take much to accessorise!

Wilko Copper Lantern Medium

Become minimalist

Never has the phrase “less is more” been so true. The Minimalist Design trend refuses accumulations and prefers carefully chosen elements. Designer furniture, beautiful useful objects and emptiness as a real luxury, there is the ambition. This also means compositions remain pure and simple.

Add a touch of colour and softness

Minimalist Design serves the inhabitants and their well-being. If pared down, this style is also soft and cosy thanks to comfy pieces that add smoothness and warmth – think Scandinavian design.

Blankets and cushions take place on sofas, soft rugs and fluffy plaids on armchairs. Raw wood all around adds a touch of warmth too.

We love: A fluffy cushion for those colder evenings; a natural green cushion for a touch of colour. Wilko Mongolian Cushion Mink 43 x 43cm;Wilko Cushion Chenille Green 43 x 43cm.
Wilko Mongolian Cushion Mink 43 x 43cmWilko Cushion Chenille Green 43 x 43cm

Let light shine through

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Minimalist Design loves natural light and its nuances, whether it be natural or artificially created. On your windows, filter daylight with light coloured sheer curtains, natural material shades or Japanese pannels.
For your lighting, sandblasted glass or opalescent globes diffusing soft light will create the perfect ambiance.
We love: the softness of this natural coloured veil.
Wilko Tab Top Faux Linen Voile Natural 145 x 228cm

Wilko Tab Top Faux Linen Voile Natural 145 x 228cm

Hand draw

The modesty of this trend resides in graphic choices as well. Simple line drawings, hand made, will create a bit of decor in this pared down environment.

You can choose or DIY some little figurative drawings, straight on the wall, in frames or on fabric. Representing what? Nature, of course (plants and animals).


Flocks of birds in a lively colour create a pop yet soft and natural touch

Welcome some life in the home

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Behind the Mininalist Design trend there is a deep desire to connect with nature and go back to basics. Invite some plants in the home, as much as your passion dictates. Terrariums require little care, so do a few suspended green plants.

You can also have a go at growing herbs on a windowsill, or even a plant wall in your living room.

Choose plant pots and recipients that follow the rest of the design: pure, in neutral colours and raw materials.

We love: Terracota always has its place in a minimalist environment. Place outside – or in!

Wilko Terracotta Patio Plant Pot Camper Bella Misto 25cm

Wilko Terracotta Patio Plant Pot Camper Bella

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