Durable, decorative and beneficial for your indoor environment, green plants bring a touch of nature to your home deco. It’s no surprise that they are recommended as an integral part of deco for most interior design trends: Minimalist and natural, Exotic and travel inspired, Rustic countryside… We are meant to live in nature, and if the comfort of our homes has assured assets, it’s hard to deny that bringing the outside world inside is a positive move.

There are so many interior plants you can choose from: Tall, small, crawling, flowered, fine and delicate, small and stumpy… To help you navigate, here are our tips to help you choose your plants according to your tastes, your needs and your space…

High Angle View of Workplace

Your deco is easily enhanced with an accumulation of little plants! Succulents and cacti are easy to care for and usually cheap

Different green plants

Mainly you’ll find two types of plants:

  • Natural green plants: Often originally issued from tropical forests, it will need a certain amount of care to thrive and last as long as possible. Ask your local garden center: some plants demand more attention than others.
  • Artificial green plants: Easy to keep as it demands no specific care (maybe a bit of dusting)! It is usually made of plastic and exsists in many different varieties. Don’t be afraid to invest a bit: quality artificial plants look just like the real thing!
blur, bookcase, books

Crawling plants look great along bookcases, windows or railings

Different choice criterias

To choose a green plant, make sure you have a look at a few criterias:

  • Placement: according to where you plan to place your green plant, you’ll need to opt for a species which needs more or less light. Moreover, some green plants love heat more than others: something to bear in mind if you are going to keep your plant next to a heater or a drafty window.
  • Care: If you don’t have much time to offer to your green plant, you may want to opt for an artifical plant. However, if you want to develop your green thumb, choose a natural green plant, which you will have to water, clean, and repot. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice in your local garden shop, and to consult books and websites for plant care tips.
  • Style: Green plants are sorted by effect and colour: cascading or tall effect, marbled or solid leaves, flowered or not… you choose!
  • Properties: Some plants are renown for their depolluting qualities, such as chlorophytum and dragon trees, for example. They purify the air inside your home! Especially recommended if you live in the city.
blur, bottle, bright

A little plant on the desk will make your workspace much more enjoyable!

The price ranges

You will find natural green plants in all price ranges, anywhere from £2 to £100 – it all depends on size, growing conditions, origins and rarity, whether it comes with a pot… For an artificial green plant, count about the same budget depending on size and quality.

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