Modular and convivial, the central island is undoubtedly trendy. Here are our ideas to choose or build a kitchen island.

A super functional piece of furniture, the island will allow you to do all your kitchen activities. From prep to dining and storage, everything happens around it. Another asset, it perfectly fits into an open plan kitchen. Like a bar, it delimits the space between living room and kitchen. You guessed it, there’s not much we can say against the kitchem island.

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Build a kitchen island yourself? Yes you can! It’s not that complicated. With time and a bit of elbow grease, your can create your own kitchen furniture and adapt it to your needs. Another option is to buy it in a specialised shop like Ikea or B&Q, where you will find loads of options. A bit lost? Here are our tips to build or choose a kitchen island.

Building your own kitchen island

Before thinking about building your kitchen island, you’ll have to plan for the necessary space to install it. It is recommended to keep at least 20 sq meters, so as to be able to move around it comfortably. Then, to build a kitchen island, a few options exist. You can use a table and customise it. You can install a servicing sideboard, watching that the wheels are well locked (a kitchen island that moves around is not exctly convenient!).

You can also choose counters that are assorted with the rest of the kitchen and put a working plan on top. The bravest among you can build a kitchen island from A to Z with plywood boards for example. This is a good solution to create customised storage.

Wickes Worktop Solid Wood Beech 3000 x 600 x 28 mm

Wickes Worktop Solid Wood Beech 3000 x 600 x 28 mm

Choosing a kitchen island

Adapting to kitchens’ different needs, the kitchen island exists in different styles.

  • The simple kitchen island is made up of a vast working surface and some storage. Some styles have large drawers or shelves
IKEA STENSTORP kitchen island

IKEA STENSTORP kitchen island

  • A multipurpose kitchen island has an integrated a cooking station (oven or hob, or both) and/or a sink. Careful: this island requires more installation works to bring in water or power.

Cooke & Lewis Appleby High Gloss White Kitchen, B&Q

  • The island with table allows the whole family to eat around the working plan with high chairs or stools. Sometimes it is made of two parts: one for prepping, the other, ressembling a dining table, for eating.

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The size of the kitchen island is one of the main criterias to consider. Indeed, to remain functional, a kitchen island should have a depth of at least 60cm. Height depends on the use you want to make of it: 90cm to eat on it, 110 to use it as a bar.

Stainless steal, slate, resin and granite should be preferred for their resistance and ease of care.

The style of the island is also very important, to keep a harmonious deco in your space. Rustic, modern, coated, pared down, bicolour… There are so many choices!

The shape of the kitchen island should be studied. In an L, U, rectangular, square or rounded shape: there are numerous possibilities, that you should adapt to your space and desires.

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Finally, if you plan to use the kitchen island as a dining space, make sure there is space to fit legs under!


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