Raw materials, earthy colours and travels inspiration meet at the heart of the Californian Desert trend. A spiritual deco, that blows a contemporary air to the rustic style, and adapts to young nomad studios just as well as it does to  countryside house spirits.

Marry all the natural materials

The more the materials are rustic, weave, raw, the more they are welcome in the Californian Desert atmospheres.

Frabrics wise, think hemp, linen, big wool plaiting. Wood, used or old if possible, sits next to rattan. You cna cover entire walls in raw planks, as you would in a wood cabin. You can find some wallpapers to beautifully imitate these surfaces, so don’t hesitate.

Another good material: raw terracotta. Beautiful on lamps and plant pots.

Borrow Navajo prints

The native American culture brings a touch of modern to the raw materials. On rugs, cushions or curtains, bet on chevrons and losanges.
Feathers, arrows and horns are winks the the Navajo culture. You can use them as prints or as objects on a wall or tiny details (handles…)

Invite artisan pieces

Everything that can suggest a unique or handmade piece deserves your attention. Hand tinted or weaved fabrics, ceramic sculptures, illustrations, ropes, carvings…
Keep anything that looks new or manufactured in another room! Californian Desert = authenticity!
Tout ce qui peut suggérer la pièce unique ou faite à la main mérite votre attention. Tentures tressées ou teintes à la main, sculptures en céramique, illustration navajo, macramé de cordages, gravures sur bois, tout est possible…

Celebrate earthy colours

Largely inspired by the philosophy of the first tribes, the Californian Dessert trend goes back to fundamental colours, those that you can obtain with pigments.

Play on all nuances of ocres, from yellow to brown and orange to rust. And to complete, a touch of blue, like indigo.

These colours match harmoniously but it is a good idea to create constrasts of light/dark. Think sunset!

Add touches of leather

Leather acts like amention of the Western universe. That of saddles, belt buckles and dirty boots. In your deco, play with touches of leather, always raw, like on curtains loops, as patches on a rug or a cushion, or even a leather strap to hang a frame.

Adopt symbols

For a deep sense of identity, the Californian Desert style loves personal symbols, like those you choose to tatoo your body with or those that express a chamanic initiation or refer to good fortune.
You can choose a braided dreamcatcher or build a macramé object yourself by slipping some stones or jewellery that you like. Talking sticks or all sorts of little objects, suspended so as to protect the inhabitants, all have their space in this spiritual deco style.

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