At nighfall, your garden needs some lighting so that you can make the most of it. From convenience to safety, without forgetting to showcase your plants, lighting has numerous assets. Here are our tips to light up your garden!

Steps: for assured safety

To go up stairs leisurely or jumping two by two, you’d better distinguish them properly even in the middle of the night. Get some flexible LED bands, to fix on the step border with an adhesive and light them on the whole length. Outdoor LED will function in all weathers, and you can get different coloured ones!

Light paths

Going through an alleyway at nightime will be easier if it’s well lit. But you can light decoratively and play a part in the garden’s ambiance. There are a thousand ways to create a luminous path, but you can simply get some nomadic spotlights in different colours for that pop in the garden! Some are controllable at a distance with good autonomy. Opt for smaller ones so you can move them around.

A terrace with integrated lights

Embeded spots can easily be inserted in a terrace and immediately give a theatrical feel at nightfall. That’s the power of indirect lighting which comes from the floor and not the top. Obviously it’ll be easier to think of lighting as you are building the terrace. Plus if you have steps they’re a good safety precaution!

Just to see what you’re doing

Fixed on your exterior house wall, this kind of lighting offers powerful light as you approach the house. Convenient when you’re looking for your keys, taking the bins out at night; but also to light the sitting area if it is close to the house. Powerful, it’s a good all-round option with functionality. You can find directional lights which will allow you to light a bit further into the garden!

Highlight your plant beds

On ground level plant beds or to highlight a specific bed, a visible lighting solution will enhance the visual effect of your plantations. You can even draw luminous ligns that follow the plants. Opt for embeded spots or spots to dig into the soil.

Let the light be… just for you!

Automatic detection is just magic isn’t it. When you get home during nightfall, you’ll want light and efficiency. Embeded spots or sconces that follow the path to the entrance allow you to get to your home without tripping or tiptoeing your way around.
With automatic detection, lights will only go on when people pass by – no need to turn them on or off. Once everyone is in, the lights turn off by themselves.

Tiki bar style

Up high in the pergola, on a railing or in a tree, a luminous garland will light the terrace and living areas around the dining table, with a little air of holidays.

Opt for colours to give that guinguette style to your exterior, and a white or gold light to give a sober and contemporary lighting.

Outdoor suspensions

Choose some similar to what you have indoors to bring a touch of deco to the outside! So that your house deco tastes go all the way to your garden. Choose what style, colour and materials you want, and hang from trees, railings, windowsills…

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