Top Tips for Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home may be an exciting time but can also be an extremely stressful event. With so much to do and organise some may wonder where do they even begin? Packing up a home, sorting out financial aspects of the move and ensuring everything runs smoothly can be daunting. Here we will list top tips to help your move be as hassle free as possible.

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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Whether you are looking to save the earth or cut back on expenditure, saving energy is always a good thing. We at What Would You Do If think that it’s important to at least be cautious of how much energy that you waste through the different appliances and gas and heating products within your home. We’ve created a brief list of advice which we hope will save energy and hopefully, save you money on your bills.

Use a showerhead to save water use

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We used to be told that a shower was the energy saving option as an alternative to a bath being run. Although could it be with the amount of time people spend in the shower that this is isn’t true? If you enjoy being in a shower for 20 minutes at a time, you are for sure using too much energy. How you do make a change to cut back? Start by limiting the amount of time that you spend in the shower. You could also apply a showerhead which limits and saves the amount of water which gets through to you on the other side, whilst also allowing you to have ample water which is required to clean yourself.


Standby is not good enough

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One of the major ways that people waste energy is due to the sheer amount of unnoticed products which are sitting on standby when you think they have been turned off. Although products on standby only use around 20% of the energy it would on full power, if you culminate the amount of time against hours which you are wasting whilst you are in bed or out of the house, it really does add up. Make sure that you turn off the plugs at the wall to be sure that you aren’t needlessly wasting energy.


Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

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You might not be aware, but you can change the setting on most of your home appliances so that they can be used at a lower setting in order to save energy. In most washing machines this will be shown as clear as day as ‘energy efficient setting’ or ‘power saver mode’ on the settings reel. The truth is that these setting produce more than enough power and heat to wash your clothes without the damage which other more high energy setting would do. So you’ll save energy and keep your clothes looking good longer.


Replace your old radiators

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One thing which often impacts your heating is how much power to heat your radiator is actually generating. In most cases, if you have an old radiator which you still count on to keep your house warm, it will be wasting massive amounts of energy daily. Modern radiators are not only more effective for heating up your room faster, they also conduct around £0% of the amount of energy an old radiator uses, which saves a lot of energy in the winter months when you count on it. If you want our opinion, we’d say just invest in the best energy efficient radiator whilst you have the money because it’s an investment on savings. For example, vertical designer radiators from Trade Radiators are great on a budget and can save you up to 40% on your next heating bill.

5 Ways of Creating the Perfect Home Office

Working from home seems perfect right? For some, it’s been tried and tested and declared a failure – we at Whatwouldyoudoif think that is due to ill preparations prior to the completion of work.

What were the complaints of people who claimed they would never work from home again? It ranges from many issues such as: not being a great working environment, you get too easily distracted and that it costs more money than what you would think.

We are going to tell you 5 easy tips which will prove to make your home office venture a complete success!

Set out schedules

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When working from home, if you don’t prepare yourself correctly you can end up easily getting distracted from your tasks to find comfort in prostrating. By making out a detailed weekly schedule of the times you aim to have completed tasks for, what times you should be in the office and what time you take breaks at, you’ll find yourself getting better at holding down your work and responsibilities. Although, if you work better in sprints this is also something you’ll be able to achieve being your own boss. If you work for 2 hours, take a half hour break and continue this pattern, it could be suited to your style of work.

Buy used second hand office furniture

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One thing which is a constant complaint about trying to construct a home office is how much it costs for starting up. We believe this is a myth; it’s easy to get cheap and affordable used furniture. Nowadays you won’t even have to trek to a charity or second hand shop and hope for the best. There is UK companies out their such as Gazelle who buy second hand furniture and refurbish it before selling it on. Gazelle are extremely passionate about recycling and protecting the earth and that’s why they put in so much effort to re-purpose old furniture perfectly, so people can be convinced that it isn’t second rate. We highly suggest you purchase second hand used office furniture for your office as items such as chairs, cabinets, desks and storage can be bought extremely cheap.

Only work, not play

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Never use your office for anything other than doing work, when you aren’t working, spend time in your living room, kitchen or any other room. Why? If you spend too much time on recreational in your office, you’ll soon realise that you are spending the full day in the one room, which isn’t great for your mental health. Great it like you would a shared office- if you aren’t working go out and enjoy the outdoors or use another room for leisure.

Hang a clock

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Hanging a clock in your home office will prove great for your production, as it’ll keep you on track with all of your activities, whilst making you work for something. It’s easy to get carried away when you aren’t working with co-workers on one specific task, although if you have multiple tasks to complete on the same day, I’d say that you’d be best keeping track and having a system. It’ll also stop you from looking at your phone to find out the time- which can lead to major prostration.

Make sure you lighting is natural

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One thing you want to take advantage of is the amount of natural lighting you get into the room. Before choosing which room in your house would be best to transition into an office has a think to yourself, is it worth changing rooms around to work in one with a bigger window? Studies show that you’ll be more likely to suffer from headaches if you are using artificial light to power your room with lack of natural light.

5 Easy Ways To Start Improving Your House

Home improvement plans can be very time consuming and a frighteningly long process. Although we at Whatwouldyoudoif have constructed an easy list of one-off tasks which will help you improve on your house.
Our suggestion is that you make your way through the list one my one (preferably one task a week) improving your home as you go with medium to easy tasks.

Paint external woodwork

If you have wooden timber window frames and doors in your property, painting them regularly (every year) will help them last for years with the protection from the sun and rainwater that the paint provides.
In many modern houses you will have been provided more than likely with plastic frames and doors, as its thought that they require less maintenance. This isn’t exactly true, you should still look into gaining protection for your frames and doors regardless of the choice of materials it was made with.

Invest in a dehumidifier

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Every home no matter if you aren’t noticing any damp problems could benefit from a humidifier. Dampness problems will often be started by things such as showering, cooking, clothes-drying and anything else which involves water, yep, even sweating! Getting a dehumidifier is the perfect protection and insurance to helping prevent your house from becoming damp and it’s the best way to fight again any dampness in a house.

Get double glazing

Have you noticed that even though your windows are closed, when you stand close to it you still get a small draft coming through? There’s a good chance you don’t have double glazing. The amount of money that you can save on your heating bills if you make the switch to double glazing is outstanding. It is also great from minimising the external noises which you can hear at night. Great for people living in the city in particular.

Change your radiators

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Having bad radiators can be a nightmare for your health and your wallet. The longer that you have a bad radiator the more you are spending money on a bad radiator. We appreciate that not everyone has the finance to just go out and buy radiators, but we would highly recommend getting anthracite classic column radiators as you are great for heating the full room in a short amount of time, meaning, you won’t have to always have them on. Think of it this way, for the amount of time you spend heating an old radiator in 3 hours, you can achieve that in 30 minutes with a new column radiator- think of the price difference to your heating bills.

Paint everything

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If in doubt, paint! You could paint furniture using Gouache Acrylic paint! You can buy reeves paint knives online. Just make sure you sand and prime the furniture first to get the best results. 

Keeping your rooms can sometimes be unsatisfying if you aren’t getting the results which you are seeking. You want to know a tip? Paint those walls! Seriously though, when you paint a room a fresh colour everything else falls into place. We suggest always painting your walls a natural colour in order to keep that clean look.

A look at London’s most desired properties

London is England and the UK’s largest and most populated city, people come to the cultural hub for many varying reasons including: career prospects, education and considering it have many tools to help you, fun.

In this article, we will be breaking down some of London’s most luxurious, unique and downright mind-blowing properties for your pleasure. We’ve made it our aim to construct a list which is as diverse as possible to showcase London’s wide style range.

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Embracing the Minimalist Design trend around your house

Spring is around and it’s time to breathe some fresh air into your home? Why not embrace the Minimalist Design trend? Achievable easily with details, or adopted all around the house, the look will change the way you see and live your home. Simple, pared down and ultra-contemporary, Minimalist Design brings us back to the very essence of materials and functions for each object. An imperative that nonetheless comes with great delicacy and warm compositions, where naturality serves the well-being of its inhabitants. Here is how to embrace the trend, whether it be in a contemporary urban flat or an open countryside house. Continue Reading

How to: choose plants for your home

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Giving your open kitchen a makeover with a central island

Modular and convivial, the central island is undoubtedly trendy. Here are our ideas to choose or build a kitchen island.

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